Reasons Not to Use Commercial Cooking Sprays

You might be tempted to pick up a can of cooking spray, but you’ll miss the opportunity to select healthy oils. Here are some more reasons to avoid cooking sprays:

GMO Ingredients:

Cooking sprays typically contain corn, soy, or canola oils. These come from crops that are almost always genetically modified to withstand pesticides. Consuming GMO oils means you’re putting food with chemical residues into your mouth.


Cooking sprays rely on petroleum and natural gas derivatives like isobutane and propane to expel the spray.

Damage to Air Fryer Baskets:

Chemicals in commercial oil sprays can dissolve nonstick surfaces or leave sticky residues on pans.

Oil Sprayer Benefits

An oil sprayer will deliver additional benefits beyond protecting you from unwanted ingredients.


With a mister, you’re certain to prevent sticking. You’ll get oil across the entire surface of the pan. An oil mister also makes it easy to apply a second spritz of oil when recipes call for more oil in the middle of cooking.

Cost Savings

Because cooking spray cans cannot be refilled, you’ll be throwing them away and buying new ones all of the time. A refillable oil sprayer reduces waste and prevents endless purchases.


You’re in control of oil selection when you have an oil sprayer. Your mister will work with any plant-based oils, and you can always select oils without chemical additives.

More Ways You Can Use an Oil Sprayer

The ability to spray oil goes beyond cooking with your air fryer. Products like the Misto let you spray baking pans and skillets or prep meat for the grill. A spray of oil on steak or chicken will stop sticking and enhance flavor. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of oil in a pasta salad while still getting a flavorful coating on everything.

Other liquids work in the misters too. Fill it with juice, water, or vinegar and spritz foods to add flavor. Water spraying could be very useful for sealing the edges of pastries before baking.


Oil misters are an essential accessory for cooks using air fryers. You’ll get crunchier fried foods while still maintaining precise control over oil use. Your air fryer pan will always get completely oiled, which solves the problem of sticking foods.

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